A list of my completed HackTheBox boxes. I will also have my writeups/walkthroughs for retired ones. Ordered by difficulty first, then name.
Writeups probably won't be created for a while since I am grinding CPTC practice and OSCP.

Image Box Name Difficulty Platform Date Rooted Comments
Active Easy Windows 12/3/21 Simply AD stuff
Arctic Easy Windows 10/11/21 The name implies how slow this box is
Backdoor Easy Linux 11/21/21 User is interesting
Bashed Easy Linux 10/7/21 Simple stuff, easier with a special tool
Bastion Easy Windows 12/12/2021 Cool Windows box
Beep Easy Linux 10/10/21 Don’t overthink it (Shocking)
Blue Easy Windows 10/6/21 It’s in the name
Bounty Easy Windows 10/15/21 IIS is a bruh moment
Bounty Hunter Easy Linux 8/30/21 A little difficult, but very fun
Cap Easy Linux 8/3/21 Very easy and good introductory box
Devel Easy Windows 10/6/21 Simple with an interesting approach
Driver Easy Windows 10/7/21 Very specific and hard if you don’t know
Explore Easy Android 9/19/21 Similar to Linux and back to the basics
Forest Easy Android 11/29/21 Quite difficult but super solid
Friendzone Easy Linux 12/12/2021 Interesting attack path on this one
Grandpa Easy Windows 10/13/21 Boomer tech part 2
Granny Easy Windows 10/11/21 Boomer tech
Horizontall Easy Linux 9/6/21 A lot harder than other easy boxes
Irked Easy Linux 12/8/21 Its name fits
Jerry Easy Windows 10/19/21 Watch your creds
Knife Easy Linux 8/28/21 Kinda weird, didn’t like it too much
Lame Easy Linux 9/30/21 A great starter box, many approaches
Legacy Easy Windows 9/30/21 Too simple
Love Easy Windows 8/19/21 Pretty fun and simple
Nibbles Easy Linux 10/10/21 Absolutely terrible
Previse Easy Linux 9/12/21 Sort of difficult but rewarding
Optimum Easy Windows 10/10/21 Not too easy or difficult
Secret Easy Linux 11/4/21 Think outside the process
Sense Easy FreeBSD 10/13/21 Watch your wordlists
Shocker Easy Linux 10/6/21 Slight enumeration
Sunday Easy Solaris 11/28/21 Certified CIA torture material
SwagShop Easy Linux 12/11/2021 More debugging than actual hacking
Valentine Easy Linux 10/19/21 Know your vulns
Bastard Medium Windows 10/10/21 Many exploits to sift through, but that’s about it
Bolt Medium Linux 9/27/21 Very difficult but enjoyable
Chatterbox Medium Windows 11/27/2021 Would be simpler on Linux
Cronos Medium Linux 10/11/21 A rough start, but name gives it away
Devzat Medium Linux 10/20/2021 Pretty fun, a lot of hints after foothold
Forge Medium Linux 9/11/2021 User was hard but super fun, root was too easy
Nineveh Medium Linux 10/13/2021 Just don’t do this box
Node Medium Linux 10/19/2021 Slowly descending into madness
Poison Medium FreeBSD 11/26/2021 Nothing new
Resolute Medium Windows 12/5/2021 Interesting AD approach
Seal Medium Linux 9/15/2021 A decent box, root wasn’t challenging
SecNotes Medium Windows 12/11/2021 Fairly simple for the most part
Shibboleth Medium Linux 11/18/2021 Nice overall, nothing new
Silo Medium Windows 10/14/2021 This one’s fun
SolidState Medium Linux 10/14/2021 Don’t overcomplicate it
Tartarsauce Medium Linux 11/30/2021 A good amount of enumeration for this one
Worker Medium Windows 12/7/2021 Pipes.
Writer Medium Linux 12/12/2021 Very difficult
Blackfield Hard Windows 12/5/2021 Quite easy, but very fun
Breadcrumbs Hard Windows 10/24/2021 Lots of enumerating
Joker Hard Linux 10/25/2021 The real joke is how many times I had to reset this box
Monitors Hard Linux 9/23/2021 Solid box
Pikaboo Hard Linux 11/7/2021 Somehow not hard but very hard at the same time
Registry Hard Linux 10/26/2021 I like this one a lot
Spider Hard Linux 10/31/2021 Very hard. A lot of “web”. Oh that’s why the title…
Brainfuck Insane Linux 10/1/2021 Does not live up to its difficulty