My name is Dylan Tran. I’m attending Cal Poly Pomona and am interested in Offensive Security. I am currently doing some Red Team R/D + Operations at White Knight Labs and I was formerly a Pentest Intern at IBM X-Force Red.

  • Active Directory is pretty cool
  • Linux is pain
  • Wannabe Red Team operator/engineer
  • I also go by the handle Nigerald (Nigel Gerald)
  • Recovering HackTheBox addict


Event Date Placement
Hivestorm 2021 6th
Hivestorm 2022 1st
WRCCDC Invitationals 2021 6th
WRCCDC Qualifiers 2022 7th
WRCCDC Regionals 2022 8th
WRCCDC Invitationals 2022 2nd
WRCCDC Qualifiers 2023 4th
WRCCDC Regionals 2023 2nd
NCCDC Wildcard 2023 1st
WRCCDC Qualifiers 2024 2nd
WRCCDC Regionals 2024 1st
CPTC Western 2021 1st
CPTC Globals 2022 1st
CPTC Western 2022 1st
CPTC Globals 2023 1st
CPTC Western 2023 1st
CPTC Globals 2024 Qualified


Thing Date
Pro Labs: Dante Completion Jan 2022
OSCP Apr 2022
Pro Labs: Cybernetics Completion Jul 2022
CRTO Sep 2022
Pro Labs: Offshore Completion Dec 2022
CRTL Dec 2022