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    Sink HackTheBox

    Sink is an insane level box on HackTheBox that was incredibly fun and difficult. The unique technologies and attack vectors taught me a lot about cloud stuff and HTTP request smuggling; a topic I was previously vaguely familiar with. [Read More]
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    Worker HackTheBox

    Worker is a medium level box on HackTheBox and is unique because its usage of the DevOps workflow as an attack vector. Getting both user and System required either knowledge of Azure DevOps or some considerable enumeration, but everything else was not too difficult. [Read More]
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    Resolute HackTheBox

    Resolute is a medium level box that is actually pretty easy with knowledge of basic Windows and Active Directory enumeration techniques. I am a bit unfamiliar with some Command Prompt and Powershell command syntax, making some steps very time consuming. Overall, this box is pretty basic and the information from... [Read More]
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    Spider HackTheBox

    Spider is a hard level box on HackTheBox and heavily focuses on web exploits, hence the name. As with all hard boxes on HackTheBox, it requires a multi-step process and it is recommended that you have experience with web exploits or knowledge of the OWASP Top 10 prior to attempting... [Read More]
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    Lame HackTheBox

    Lame is an easy level box on HackTheBox and covers many basics. There are multiple approaches for this box and overall it was pretty fun. My approach was to exploit the distccd service to gain a foothold, and then using rlogin to gain root, as it required no password. [Read More]
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    Love HackTheBox

    Love is an easy level box on HackTheBox and took quite some time for me to solve as it was the second box that I have tried to solve. It was pretty interesting to solve and I learned some new exploit methods that I could try to use later. I... [Read More]