My First Swift Workshop

A Pentesting Lab

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It’s been about three months into my time at SWIFT and jumping from knowing nothing to assisting the creation of a CTF(Capture The Flag) workshop was insane. A CTF, for those who don’t know, is an activity where there are vulnerable services or machines. A player has to utilize these... [Read More]


Lame HackTheBox

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Lame is an easy level box on HackTheBox and covers many basics. There are multiple approaches for this box and overall it was pretty fun. My approach was to exploit the distccd service to gain a foothold, and then using rlogin to gain root, as it required no password. [Read More]

The CCDC and CPTC Bootcamp

A reflection

I was an incoming freshman to Cal Poly Pomona at the time, having graduated just about a month earlier. I joined the SWIFT (Students with an Interest in the Future of Technology) club in May but thought the club was inactive as there wasn’t much discussion happening in the club’s... [Read More]


Love HackTheBox

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Love is an easy level box on HackTheBox and took quite some time for me to solve as it was the second box that I have tried to solve. It was pretty interesting to solve and I learned some new exploit methods that I could try to use later. I... [Read More]